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Great Event Spaces in Portland (OR) Part 2: Restaurant Venues

In Part 1 we looked at some amazing event venues for weddings or company parties. But what if you’re planning a rehearsal dinner, business lunch, or small cocktail party? When throwing a private event of 10-100 guests, restaurant venues are convenient and well equipped to help with the evening. Here is a quick un-sponsored guide to my 7 favorite restaurant venues to hold a private event in Portland.

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Brandon Lawrence
How To Hire A Magician

Think back to the very first magic trick you saw that fooled you.  Do you remember what year it was? How old you were? Where you were?  Who performed it? Can you answer most or all of these questions? The fact is that well-performed magic, aside from it’s sheer entertainment value, can have a profound and transformative effect on an audience.  So much so that they will remember the birthday they attended, the wedding couple, the company party, or the corporate message at the sales meeting. They will attach that feeling of astonishment to that event. If you were planning an event, would you want your guests to remember it?

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