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What is Walk-Around Magic?

There are so many things to account for when planning an event. As a professional corporate entertainer, I thought I would address some of the most commonly asked questions about the most versatile form of magical entertainment available for private events and weddings.

What is walk-around magic?

Walk-around magic is a branch of magic performance in which a magician mixes-and-mingles with guests at a private event.  The magician integrates seamlessly in a social setting, going from group to group, engaging directly with guests while performing various sleight-of-hand effects and illusions.  Instead of performing a formal show, which requires the entire event’s attention (and sobriety), the magician performs many smaller shows which last 4-10 minutes for many groups of 2-10 guests.  The magician dresses, acts, and entertains with the highest ideals in mind as your “secret-agent” to ensure everyone is happy. Think of a walk-around magician as an “ambassador of hospitality” whose sole purpose is to make your event a positive, unique, and memorable experience for your guests.


What does walk-around magic accomplish?

Walk-around magic gives guests personal care and attention with direct engagement and astonishment.  Good walk-around magic will get a room absolutely buzzing with energy. Think smiles, liveliness, engaging conversation, laughter, and sporadic applause blanketing across a reception.  The magician works in tandem with the event planner to ensure the event’s goals are accomplished.

Where and when does walk-around magic work best?

Walk-around magic works best for 40-200 adult guests at indoor events such as: weddings, corporate events, cocktail parties, holiday parties, fundraisers, product-launches, grand openings,  restaurants, bars, and networking events. On average, you can expect a walk-around magician to perform directly for 50 guests per hour. Many walk-around magicians perform for a minimum of 1 hour, and a maximum of 3 hours.  Guests can be seated or standing, and can be drinking or eating light horderves. Walk-around magic works best 20 minutes to an hour after 80% of the guests have arrived and settled into the venue.


Why is walk-around magic effective?

Walk-around magic requires a low commitment of your guests, requires no setup, and is an extremely flexible form of entertainment.  Your guests will be given a memorable experience for a few minutes at a time in a non-intrusive way during the light conversion that occurs in various social settings.  The cost of walk-around magic is typically less than other types of magic performances, yet your guests will still be talking about your event, making walk-around magic a cost-effective form of promotion.  When your guests describe the various impossible experiences they had, they will undoubtedly spread the word about your special occasion. The memories of astonishment will become attached to the memories of the event that you so carefully planned for years to come.  

Brandon Lawrence is a professional magician based out of Portland, Oregon. He specializes in close-up and parlor magic for corporate audiences.

Brandon Lawrence is a professional magician based out of Portland, Oregon. He specializes in close-up and parlor magic for corporate audiences.